4EVERLAND & TEA Project Partner to Move Web3 Forward

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2 min readMay 8, 2023

The TEA Project is proud to announce our partnership with 4EVERLAND in our joint efforts to pioneer cloud computing on web3.

4EVERLAND provides web3 infrastructure for dApp developers to host decentralized front-ends, provide acceleration gateways, and store data across decentralized storage providers. The full list of 4EVERLAND’s services is quite impressive:

These innovations, such as the IPFS pinning service, will be extremely helpful to web3 developers. TEA Project developers will appreciate having S3-compliant storage available through 4EVERLAND as endpoints available to their apps. Having web2 storage concepts accessible in web3 will make it easier to onboard developers who are used to the same tools available to them in web2.

4EVERLAND and TEA Project Collaboration

The partnership between TEA Project and 4EVERLAND helps each other by leveraging each company’s strengths. The current web3 ecosystem is filled with dApps that are mostly hybrid due to the lack of decentralized hosting. DApps thus far have had to use centralized hosting services which are unfortunately not in the ethos of web3.

The partnership will bring TEA’s decentralized compute layer to the 4EVERLAND ecosystem and allow their developers to integrate TEA Project’s decentralized hosting. TEA’s decentralized compute layer is looking to push the existing dApp ecosystem to become fully decentralized.

One of the primary drawbacks of decentralization has been a loss of computing speed that has occured with the move to blockchain. As we move to decentralized compute nodes, TEA has pioneered a non-traditional consensus that doesn’t slow down compute nodes when they reach consensus. This allows TEA Project to offer decentralized cloud hosting that is near parity with traditional cloud hosting speeds.

The final benefit of partnering with TEA Project is the trust that’s built into TEA’s compute platform. Because TEA’s secure enclaves can protect both privacy and trusted app execution, more and more application logic can be moved from smart contracts to TEA Project’s decentralized compute platform. This will reduce computing costs, protect user privacy, and help developers coming to web3 avoid the functional limitations of smart contracts.

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