Bitrise Joins TEA Project’s Post-Seed Round

The TEA Project is pleased to welcome Bitrise Capital as an investor in our post-seed round. Bitrise Capital is a VC firm focused on blockchain, DeFi, and the emerging decentralized Web3 economy. They’ve also invested in mining projects and have a tract focused on IPFS, two points of connection they have with the TEA Project.

The TEA Project is a strong investment match given Bitrise’s long-term outlook on the Web3 infrastructure space. Bitrise is also an ideal partner based on their many connections with exchanges. As well as new networking opportunities within the crypto industry, Bitrise has also pledged to help with marketing and raising the TEA Project’s brand awareness.

The TEA Project is a decentralized compute layer that has the portability to run on top of any layer1 blockchain. By placing the compute layer above the blockchain layer, TEA Project is able to avoid the scalability issues that plague traditional consensus. TEA’s use of TPM ensures a secure execution environment that’s distributed among its decentralized network nodes, and its use of GPS is able to order transactions without traditional consensus using time as a root of trust.

For more coverage on the other investors in our post-seed round, please see our earlier announcements:




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