Can Trusted Computing Protect Your Digital Assets?

Protecting your private key is the key, but it’s also the hardest part

Can I have multiple hardware wallets to share the secret key?

  • First, do not let anyone access more than k wallets that can recover your secret. So it has to be decentralized. Any centralized cloud services have the power to access all wallets, intended or unintended, or being forced to give them up.
  • Second, even it is a decentralized service, all wallets have no incentive to collude. They would have to compete with others by nature.
  • Third, every single hardware wallet still needs to be strong enough to resist reasonable attacks although there is no single point of failure (there actually is, we will talk about this later).
  • Fourth, If any of the hardware wallets are broken, it can be easily and immediately detected by others so that it can be removed from the network. All secrets need to be recognized to make sure no similar attacks can be spread and cause further damage.
  • Fifth, this is non-technical but the toughest part, how can it win your trust?

Here comes Gluon Wallet on the T-rust framework

Sidetrack: What is Gluon in physics.

The balance between security and ease of use

The single-sign-on entrance to the decentralized world

Nothing is 100% secure, even for the Gluon Wallet

  • Make the TEA Project network as big as possible. The bigger it grows, the more expensive to control over 2/3 nodes at the same time.
  • Diversify our TEA node’s tech stack so that one hacking skill cannot be used on a different tech stack. This can make 2/3 control even harder. This is also the design principle of the TEA project: we only define the protocol, not the end product.
  • Control the “birth rate” of new TEA nodes joining the network. This is mentioned in my previous blog post on the business model of the TEA project.





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