Earning TEA Mainnet Vouchers on Testnet

Goal of Testnet Participation = Accumulate COFFEE Vouchers

Epoch 11

  • This is the last Epoch where contestants can purchase COFFEE using a form.
  • Similarly, it’s the last Epoch where contestants can cashout COFFEE to USDT (BUSDT) at a rate of 1:1.
  • Any TEA in either the contestant’s layer-1 or layer-2 wallet will rollover automatically to Epoch 12. Any bonding curve assets / deposits will also roll over based on their calculated TEA value.
  • CML and state maintainer nodes will not rollover.

Epoch 12

  • There’s no longer a TEA <> COFFEE Uniswap LP tool kept by the team. There will be an Goerli-ETH <> TEA pool setup by the team in case contestants need more TEA.
  • Starting in Epoch 12, COFFEE is a terminal voucher for discounted TEA mainnet vouchers. Contestants can no longer buy COFFEE using a form, nor will they be able to cash out.
  • Because contestants can’t readily buy an asset easily convertible to testnet TEA (besides using the Goerli-ETH <> TEA Uniswap LP), we’ll have an onboarding faucet available to users. Endusers only have to quote retweet a given tweet and the onboarding faucet will release 500 testnet TEA to their layer-2 TApp Store wallets.
  • Contestants who chose to rollover COFFEE will get a 20% COFFEE bonus in their wallets, while users who chose to rollover TEA will find the same amount in their TApp Store wallet (layer-2) when Epoch 12 starts.

Epoch 13

  • No TEA is rolled over from the previous epoch.
  • No COFFEE will be offered by the team for USDT, and there will be no COFFEE cash out mechanism offered by the team.
  • All contestants’ COFFEE will stay in their own Goerli wallet.
  • Team will not setup COFFEE <> TEA exchange, only a Goerli-ETH <> TEA exchange.
  • At the end of Epoch 13, all TEA assets will be cleared and reset. Contestants will be rewarded with COFFEE at the end similar to Epoch 12 (reward amount TBD).



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