Epoch 10 Sneak Peek

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2 min readJul 12, 2022


Why Has Epoch 10 Taken So Long to Release?

The TEA Project’s upcoming epoch 10 is a major change as we look back over all the preceding epochs of our testnet. We’ve moved almost all logic from the layer1 blockchain to our layer2. This is the most important step that needs to be completed before we can truly considered “layer1 blockchain agnostic”.

Epoch 10 remains a work in progress with an estimated release date of July, 2022.

What Are the New Features in Epoch 10?

First note that all the major existing features from epoch 9 will also be in epoch 10.

Even though epoch 11 is shaping up to be our most momentous epoch as we move to the Ethereum ecosystem, we’ve actually got a lot lined up for epoch 10.

  • The TEA Browser Wallet will instead migrate over to become a special TApp called the TAppStore.
  • Another part of the TEA Browser Wallet, the marketplace CML auctions, will migrate over to a new marketplace TApp that handles the CML seed auctions. This used to be a“marketplace” tab inside the TEA Browser Wallet in previous epochs but will now have its own TApp.
  • There will no longer be a “logs” tab. All historical logs will not be available for public access. This is because the layer2 is not open to human access. No one (including the TEA Project team members) has any access to any of the private data in layer2. That data could be accessed in previous epochs because they were on the layer1 blockchain.
  • The Genesis loan option will be retired. We’ve had so much change in our tokenomics and with us moving from 0 TEA in the genesis block to 100M, there’s no longer a need for TEA loans in the early days after mainnet launches.
  • The faucet has been retired. Current contestants in our tesnet mining contests will receive some TEA when they purchase COFFEE so the faucet isn’t necessary anymore.
  • State maintainer seats are being worked on including the Collection Pool / Harberger Tax revenue and expense models.

For the latest updates and the exact launch date of epoch 10, be sure to check in on our Telegram: https://t.me/teaprojectorg