Epoch 11 User’s Guide

Setting Up Metamask for Interacting with TEA Project

First you’ll want to make sure you’re on the Goerli testnet of Ethereum. You can switch to Goerli through the top networks section of MetaMask (you may need to show the hidden networks):

  • TEA: 0xCbf688B3f341558bf8193014af599BB742aBBD62
  • COFFEE: 0x5C000C8C1f91fbc3cc3fF8Bb8B419e5BD437dB80

Interacting with the TEA Browser Wallet

End-users will navigate to https://wallet.teaproject.org where they’ll find a list of available nodes hosting the TApp Store:

Click the Visit link to open the TApp Store
  • Chain wallet TEA balance represents the amount of TEA you have in Ethereum (Goerli), i.e. what’s in your MetaMask wallet.
  • TApp Store wallet TEA balance represents the amount of TEA you have topped up to the TApp Store wallet, i.e. the amount ready to use within TEA’s layer-2 ecosystem.
  1. Releasable will show how much TEA can currently be released to the user’s wallet.
  2. By clicking Release, the releasable amount will move to the user’s TApp Store wallet.

Using the Various TApps

The heart of the TEA ecosystem remains the various TApps, the decentralized apps that run on the TEA network. Although we only have system apps running currently, they’re the basis of how any user can become a vital participant in the TEA eco and start earning revenue.

TApp: Leaderboard

The Leaderboard TApp is for contestants to officially join the current epoch’s contest. There will be rewards during the epoch for those who join the Leaderboard. It’s very important to join the Leaderboard as this is how we determine whose assets to rollover to the next epoch. If you don’t join the Leaderboard, we have no way to track your assets in layer-2 and won’t be able to roll them over into the next epoch.

TApp: Harberger Auction

The Harberger Auction TApp is where end-users can purchase state maintainer seat licenses as well as update their self-valuations. The self-valuations are used as a basis of the Harberger Tax, which is set at 7% of the self-valuation price. The Harberger Tax is the usage fee that’s paid by the owner for the privilege of owning the public asset (seat maintainer license).

TApp: Miner Portal

The Miner Portal is for those wishing to run a TEA hosting node. TEA hosting nodes are called by end-users to host such apps as the TApp Store. Their reward is paid out exclusively through the gas the user burns to use the TApp through the hosting node. Miners can use this TApp to administer their mining machine. To run a TEA hosting node, users will need a CML NFT which can be purchased through the seed auction.

TApp: Seed Auction

The Seed Auction TApp allows users to bid on CML seeds (NFTs) that act as licenses for running a hosting node on the TEA network. Seeds are bid on through an open auction process with a clear end time. Each seed has a set lifespan as all CML are modeled on real life Camellia Sinensis seeds which produce real-life tea trees.



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