First Impression of TEA Series #1

This piece is part of the First Impressions Series where TEA Project employees and community members share their first thoughts about the TEA Project.

Hi everyone, this is George again, and I’m here to share some of my first thoughts about the TEA Project.

Camellia NFT

Axie Monsters

Each Axie monster has different genes that make them randomly better or worse at battle or sustaining health. Each Axie has a lifespan and can breed only a certain number of times.

Limiting the fruitful life of each Camellia seed makes them feel like a real-life flower. We need to either plant the seed and harvest the rewards or sell the seeds on the open market. Allowing each seed to thrive for only a set duration will enable newcomers to the TEA Project equal footing and doesn’t give an unfair mining advantage to the early adopters.

Unlocking the TPM Chip

Unlocking IPFS

Adding a computational layer on top of IPFS is one of the goals of the TEA Project. This promises a new revenue source for IPFS miners beyond just renting out storage blobs. I’m excited about the uptake of the TEA Project by miners in general and hope the TEA Project attracts influencers in the crypto mining space.



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