First Impression of TEA Series #1

Camellia NFT

I like how the Camellia NFT “seeds” have different life spans and different levels of productivity. This reminded me of the Axie Infinity crypto video game that allows you to breed Axie monsters to create new ones.

Axie Monsters

Unlocking the TPM Chip

I didn’t realize so many devices had TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chips that were unfortunately unusable to outside 3rd parties. Every iPhone has a TPM, but Apple has decided to lock it down. The open-source community and the cheap, ubiquitous Raspberry Pi computing platform should help spur the adoption of the TEA Project. Miners have a quick and easy way to get started mining $T tokens without needing expensive hardware.

Unlocking IPFS

IPFS has always impressed me as one of the most revolutionary projects to come out of the Web 3.0 movement. The idea of hosting content, a website, or a dApp on decentralized anonymous nodes is a liberating concept that has so much more mindshare to conquer in the future.



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