Full Speed With WASM

The TEA Browser Wallet is Built for Miners

The rather modest TEA browser wallet is:

  • Built for miners and not end users.
  • Built to be used on the Desktop (not mobile friendly) v

TApps are Built for Consumers

The TApps fulfill the TEA Project’s promise of rich dApps running at full cloud speed. TApps are consumer facing, with a well-designed UI and should in almost all cases be mobile friendly. A TApp itself can be separated into two parts:

  • The front-end that faces the user, generally a combination of HTML, CSS, and JS technologies.
  • The back-end which actually executes the dApp’s logic.

WASM is the Execution Layer for TApps

WebAssembly (WASM) is the language which binaries are compiled to if they want to run as TApps on the TEA network. WASM is traditionally run as bytecode directly in the user’s browser. As you can see from the following graphic, the TEA Project actually runs WASM binaries in TEA mining nodes and not in the browser itself:

  • WASM is high performance — it’s built to be as close to native machine code as possible while still remaining platform independent.
  • WASM was built to facilitate small binaries as it needs to be run over the internet to devices with potentially slow internet connections. This is a great fit for the space-constrained blockchain world.
  • WASM was developed so that code can be deployed in any browser with the same result. Contrary to the EVM it was not developed towards a very specific use case, this has the benefit of a lot of tooling being available and large companies putting a lot of resources into furthering WASM development.
  • WASM is platform independent, and efficiently maps to all kinds of CPU architectures.
  • WASM executes within a sandboxed environment that’s separate from the host runtime. WASM also uses fault isolation techniques in order to prevent common security breach attempts like buffer overflow attacks.



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