Guest Post: Lauren’s Contest Strategy

This is a guest post from one of our contestants Lauren, who you may know from her Common Sense Crypto YouTube channel. Here she walks through what she learned in the epoch 3 contest as she looks ahead to epoch 4.

This was my first TEA PROJECT Mining Competition.
The first thing I did before I started was read and watch other people’s strategies ( mainly Epoch 2’s winner), I also read up on the information on TEAPROJECT’s Github, to understand the CML (A,B,C) staking, planting, lifecycle etc. There is a lot of information there that helped me to understand, but it was not until I started the practice round that I gained a better understanding of what to do.

What I learned from Epoch 3

-Pay back your Coffee loan within the first week, the ratio of Coffee/Tea is most favorable then.

I paid back my Coffee over time, but not quick enough. The beginning of the second week the ratio of Coffee to TEA was not in my favor, and I realized I should have paid back the Coffee within the first week.

- It is better to take out a larger Coffee Loan in the beginning of the competition, than too little, because, you have the potential to earn more TEA. Versus trying to catch up later on in the competition. In the beginning I borrowed enough Coffee to cover the cost of redeeming my CML’s/ plant two of my CML’s. Half way thru the first week I began sliding down the rankings, and tried to catch up by borrowing more Coffee.. this was a mistake and it didn’t work.

When you Stake in other people’s Nodes, you will receive Staking rewards and when you unstake the 1000 TEA you receive it back, allowing you to be able to repay your loan.

-Stake or Plant in A and B with fewer than 4 people. And if none are available, Stake in C with 3 or less. There are other write-ups on this strategy on Github, it is very helpful to go read them.

- TApps hosting was very profitable.

- Learn more about the Bonding Curve and when to sell TApps to make a profit. I feel if I did this I could have earned more TEA. I purchased TApps but never sold them.

Overall I had a great experience during Epoch 3 and learned a lot. Next Epoch I will take what I learned and apply it hopefully finish in the top 20.

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