Hamster & TEA Project Collab to Onboard Web3 Developers

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2 min readApr 26, 2023

The TEA Project is happy to announce a joint partnership with the web3 dev toolkit provider Hamster. This partnership will include AMAs and marketing campaigns which will mutually promote our services as well as expanding our communities.

What is Hamster?

Hamster is a developer-friendly platform that enables devs to deploy projects to web3 using the Hamster toolset. The Hamster tooled approach allows devs to utilize pre-built contract templates, contract/frontend code, as well as contract deployment and maintenance automations. Hamster also offers an RPC service for when devs choose to deploy their contracts via Hamster. The Hamster toolset allows developers to get from idea to dApp while shortening the development cycle and saving costs.

Hamster and TEA Project Collaboration

The collaboration between Hamster and TEA Project is a great match since each of our strengths dovetails well with each other’s offerings. Hamster’s heavy focus on web3 tooling (which includes smart contract automations, a decentralized RPC network, as well as security and maintenance workflows) meshes well with TEA Project’s focus on decentralized compute and secure oracles.

The partnership encompasses both short-term and long-term technical goals which includes the following:

1. The TEA Project offers decentralized web hosting for developers who are using Hamster’s toolset but want to move away from centralized hosting. Many dApps are currently “hybrid” in that parts of their stack are still on centralized servers. TEA Project gives these dApp developers a chance to completely decentralize their dApps.

2. Developers don’t need to completely host their dApps on a decentralized infrastructure to get the benefits of decentralized compute. TEA also offers trusted, decentralized execution of Lambda code which can save development time and gas costs.

3. A long-term goal of the collaboration is for developers to be able to start a TEA application (known as a TApp) on Hamster for later deployment to IPFS and the TEA network.

4. Hamster workflow automations can integrate TEA Project’s secure oracles for use within developer’s apps. The TEA Project’s secure enclaves creates a space for oracles to securely execute both web2 (compute) and web3 (smart contract) code.

5. Hamster’s automation templates are perfect for providing a deployment and maintenance environment for TEA miners which helps build more performant TEA nodes.

Besides the technical integration, we’re both looking forward to joint AMAs and other marketing coordination with the goal of growing our communities. Outreach to developers especially those new to web3 is a goal that’s shared by both companies and we look forward to working together to attract the next wave of developers to web3.

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