How DApps Reliance on Web 2.0 Can Cost Them Dearly

DApp + Hosted Front-end = Hybrid DApp

Examples of DApps Getting Hacked Through Web 2.0

  • BadgerDAO hacked for 2.1k BTC + 151 ETH among other assets through an insecure Cloudflare API key:

IPFS: A Solution for Decentralizing the Front-end

TEA Project Puts It All Together for Web3 Developers

  • The front end for TEA decentralized applications uses IPFS.
  • The server layer handles dev code compiled to WASM, meaning developers can use their existing programming languages and set WASM as the output target. Dev code is encrypted and only decrypted to run in the TPM-protected enclaves of the network’s layer-2 miners (type-B CML mining nodes).
  • The database layer is handled according to the developer’s needs — NoSQL data is sent to IPFS as governed by type-B CML mining nodes, while relationship data is stored in GlueSQL as governed by type-A CML mining nodes.




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