How is the TEA Project Serverless?

The Benefits of Server-less Pure Functions

Pure functions have many practical benefits. For example, the order of pure functions can be reversed as well as being performed in parallel if there’s no data dependency between them. Pure functions are thread-safe and cannot interfere with one another.

What are the Pure Functional / Server-less Options from Commercial Providers?

In practical terms, pure functions can be farmed out to service providers where they run computational tasks on behalf of the clients who don’t have to run a server. Different companies have different implementations of these server-less pure functions:

  • Amazon calls their implementation AWS Lambda.
  • Google calls their implementation Google Cloud Functions.
  • We at the TEA Project call our implementation actors.
Everything to the right of the front-end are all actors in the TEA ecosystem and behave like pure functions

Ethereum’s Missing “Server” in the Traditional 3-Tier Stack

We’ve previously discussed how the TEA Project offers all three tiers of the traditional 3-tier architecture. This makes it straightforward for developers to make the jump from web2 to web3.



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