How The TEA Project is Meeting the Changing Landscape of Web3

Web 2.0 Needed Centralization to Scale

The article points out that advertising was the business model that arose to fund the infrastructure costs of Web 2.0. Programmatic advertising allowed businesses to easily scale into and out of ads, while content drove engagement and stuffed consumers’ browsers full of advertising beacons.

Tokenization Gives More Financial Benefits to Web3 Users

Another change we’ll see moving from Web 2.0 to Web3 are the economic incentives given to users of these emerging platforms. The article goes on to say:

DAOs for Web3 Governance

Another hallmark of Web3 is a reliance on DAOs for governance to democratize the rules by which platforms operate. DAOs use smart contracts to enforce the transactional governance mechanisms, which are done algorithmically rather than through a traditional board of directors as is typical with corporations.



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