OIG Joins TEA Project’s Post-Seed Round

Tea Project Blog
2 min readJun 2, 2022


A New Investor Joins the Post-Seed Round

Earlier this past month we announced the investors in our post-seed round led by Draper Dragon:

We’re happy to announce one more investor has joined our latest round, Oracles Investment Group (OIG). The OIG research team focuses on discovering quality projects early and providing them with financial and network support to grow them into major players in the crypto space.

The decisive factor for including OIG in the latest post-seed round was everything they brought to the table in addition to funding. Besides strategic partnerships with VCs and other projects in the blockchain space, OIG also has a powerful in-house marketing department that will help the TEA Project in multiple ways.

Expect to see a wider variety of marketing campaigns in the coming months with the cooperation of OIG’s marketing department, from video AMAs to press releases. OIG’s extensive roster of KOLs will also help us tremendously as we look to raise awareness about the TEA Project’s goal of becoming the decentralized Web3 compute layer across multiple blockchains.