TEA Party TApp — Epoch 9 Users Guide

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3 min readMar 16, 2022

Using the TEA Party Social Messaging TApp

Epoch 9 reintroduces the TEA Party social messaging TApp that has a variety of messaging features:

  • Send private messages to other users.
  • Post public messages in the app for all users to see.

There are additional features such as notifications on private message receipt as well as the ability to set the length of time the public message is displayed. Let’s dive in and take a look at how to use these TEA Party features.

Getting Funds Into the TEA Party TApp

You’ll need to first be logged into the main TEA browser wallet and have funds available to transfer:

Your wallet holds your main funds while each of the TApps will hold their own wallet balance. In order to use the TEA Party TApp, you’ll need to transfer some of your main wallet’s funds into your TEA Party wallet.

To get started, launch TEA Party using its link in the TApps list:

You can launch the actual TApp from any link in the delegator list:

Click the login button to login to the actual TApp:

Now you can add funds from your main wallet to this TApp’s wallet by using the Topup button:

In this example, I’ve moved 100T from my main wallet to this TApp’s wallet account:

Posting Private Messages

To post a private message to another user, navigate to your Inbox where you’ll be able to initiate user to user messaging:

To craft a message, you’ll need the recipient’s Polkadot wallet address along with your message text. The URL field is optional:

Note the cost of 1T to send a private message. The recipient will get a notification that they have a message waiting for them in their main TEA browser wallet. Notifications is a paid feature (paid by the sender) that’s currently free during epoch 9.

Posting a Public Message

To broadcast a message visible to everyone who logs into the TApp, you can post to the Public Board:

Once you’ve navigated to the Public Board tab, type in your message and select the message duration:

In the example above, I’d be charged 3T to post my message for 3 days.

Messages can also be extended by clicking on the green checkmark next to your message and paying the extension fee:

That’s the basics of getting started with the TEA Party social messaging TApp. If you’re interested in testing the TApp out along with our epoch 9 testnet, get started by joining us in our Telegram group: https://t.me/teaprojectorg