TEA Project Allows Privacy in the Home

  • Your router is used by your ISP (such as AT&T and Comcast) to eavesdrop on your browsing habits to serve you targeted ads.
  • Amazon’s Alexa is always listening in on your conversations, selectively deciding what to send back to Amazon’s servers. More disturbing, her interactions with you are designed to maximize Amazon’s profits.
  • Smart trackers such as the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag tracks your online activity to show you tailored ads using a variety of ad networks.
  • Your Ring smart doorbell is made by a company with a track record of not protecting users’ private data. This includes storing unencrypted customer data (which included video recordings) on a minimally-secured Amazon cloud server.
  • Your smart exercise bike by Peloton takes part in trafficking your mobile advertising identifiers. There’s also the larger issue of your bike becoming worthless if you stop paying your monthly subscription. You don’t actually own these connected devices in the traditional sense, an issue that will be a growing concern as more connected devices enter the home.

A New Privacy Layer for the Home

TEA Project Allows for Truly Private IoT Devices



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