TEA Project Bi-Weekly Report — Aug 27, 2021

Mining Contest = Great Success!

Our first mining contest went live on August 19th and has been a great success. The contestants can mine and stake Camellia as well as take out loans against their assets. The reaction has been positive among the approximately 30 contestants. Here is the top 10 on our leader board to share in the $1500 contest rewards:

YouTube: Going All In

Visitors to our YouTube channel will have noticed a couple more videos have gone up in the past week.

We’re additionally bringing YouTube influencers on board to raise awareness for the TEA Project as we advance into the future. Their videos will also be featured as integral parts of our next mining contest.

Preparing for Epoch 3.0

The month of September brings an end to summer and, for the TEA Project, the beginning of epoch 3.0. This will introduce TApps into the TEA ecosystem as well as the bonding curves necessary to fund them. These two new features will be integrated into the next contest. We are doubling the rewards as we expect more contestants to join and greater excitement to be generated through our new YouTube partnerships.

Looking Ahead

The epoch 3.0 launch and associated mining contest are the big milestones as we look ahead to September. Our developers are working on the first actual TApp to run on the TEA network and reward miners for hosting its code. And speaking of miners, we’ve also begun exploring an important collaboration with IPFS that could make it much easier for miners to join our network in the future.




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