TEA Project Bi-Weekly Report –December 31, 2021

New Website Design

The Teaproject.org website has been completely re-designed with a more crypto-friendly dark-theme. We took feedback that there was too much information in the old design that visitors felt overwhelmed and so we’ve created a much more focused homepage. We now tell visitors right away the problem with existing blockchains and cloud computing, and how the TEA Project aims to solve those issues. A quick two-minute explainer video helps more visual learners grasp the basics of our platform quickly, and there are additional calls to action on the homepage for them to join our mining contest.

You’ll likely notice a few more changes with the newly designed website:

  • The TEA Project’s litepaper has been re-written and updated with our latest platform updates around GPS modules and time consensus.
  • The pitch deck has also been updated. Q1 2022 will be an important fundraising quarter for the TEA Project and we want investors to be able to grasp the major points of our platform quickly.
  • The Blog link in the header goes directly to our Medium blog. There will no longer be any duplication of posts from our Medium blog onto our website.
  • All informational articles are now either posted on our Medium blog or on our wiki which is also linked in the header of the new website.

AMA with Torah Network

The TEA Project participated in an AMA with the Torah Network on December 30. Education and increasing awareness about our project is a point of emphasis during these early epochs. Events like AMAs give users outside of our ecosystem a chance to ask questions and learn more about our platform. The transcript of the event is available here.

Epoch 7 Progress

Many miners had their validators setup incorrectly during the first few days of epoch 7 which resulted in extremely long block confirmation times. In an effort to help miners setup their validators correctly we’ve revamped the instructions for setting up a validator in our wiki.

After sorting out the bad validators, epoch 7.1 was started on December 17. We currently have 17 mining contest competitors with 20 mining machines active.

Looking forward, new TApp development remains a focus with a referral TApp soon to be released. We’re also working on some gaming TApps to be released in Q1 2022, so stay tuned for what the TEA Project will deliver next!





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