TEA Project Bi-Weekly Report –January 17, 2022

Talks Started for New Funding Round

Layer-1 Logic Migration to Layer-2

  • Having less logic in layer-1 will result in smaller block sizes. A smaller block size will make sync times quicker for new nodes joining the network.
  • Layer-2 nodes are already trustable by the validation certificates kept on layer-1. Layer-2 doesn’t require new nodes to validate the entire chain state starting from time zero. When syncing the layer-2 state, the new nodes only need to sync the most recent state and can then add new transactions beginning from that point on. Our goal is to allow new nodes to jump into layer-2 and jump in without any long sync-up time. They would then only rely on their GPS module to sync up with the latest layer-2 state.
  • Moving more logic to layer-2 will also help the team implement Cumulus within the layer-1 chain. Adopting Cumulus is an important and necessary step in our 2022 goal of going for a parachain slot in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Updating the Blockchain Heading Towards Epoch 8

  • All users will have their TApp tokens liquidated for their underlying value according to the bonding curve (a fair distribution will be used where all owners will sell at the same price).
  • All TEA will carry over from epoch 7.1 to epoch 8.
  • Unused frozen CML seeds will be reissued as CML coupons.
  • Currently running CML mining nodes, no matter how much time they have left, will also be reissued as CML coupons.




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