TEA Project Bi-Weekly Report — March 15, 2022

Epoch 9 Progress

Epoch 9 public testing continues as we work towards ironing out the remaining bugs before the official launch. The open testing has taken a bit longer but epoch 9 includes a more fully-featured layer-2 now running on our testnet. The complexity of the layer-2 is now approaching what it will be like when the mainnet launches and is a big step up from the previous epoch.

In the larger context of the TEA Project’s milestones, our layer-2 is one of the most important parts of our project. This is the part of our system where dApps run at full speed hosted by decentralized miners. Once our layer-2 is stable, we’ll move much of the logic now running on layer-1 into layer-2. When we reach this point, we’ll then be in a position to migrate our layer-1 to a parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem. We’re optimistic in our progress of moving the layer-1 logic to layer-2 as we proceed to put ourselves in the best position to become a parachain candidate and go through the parachain auction process.

Funding and Partnership Developments

The TEA Project team continues interviewing with potential VC funds as we look for the best matches for our series A funding round. The good news is that more funds have shown an interest towards investing in the round, and we can tentatively say that multiple funds are ready to join. That said, we’re still looking for the main lead investor who will not only take a majority share in the round but also provide the project with valuable business development and PR exposure.

We’ve also been in contact with a possible partner in the hardware sector that could build a custom mining machine to our specification. The possibility of signing up such a partner opens up a more streamlined method of onboarding miners to the TEA Project ecosystem. Imagine being able to buy a pre-built raspberry pi complete with TPM and GPS modules with NixOS installed along with a CML NFT. There’s also the possibility of making such a machine modular and allowing customers to combine modules a la carte so that they can dual mine projects like Filecoin or Helium.



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