TEA Project Monthly Report — August 1, 2022

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2 min readAug 1, 2022


Epoch 9 Has Ended

With the TEA Project developers confident in the progress that’s been made towards the next release, we’ve recently decided to stop the Epoch 9 testing phase. Epoch 9 will represent the last time that all users will access the same interface. We tried different tactics to guide the various user factions (users, investors, and miners) to quickly acclimate to the wallet’s functions. But putting all the various functions under the same access point has proven unwieldy and the UI will change accordingly in Epoch 10.

Announcement of the end of Epoch 9

Epoch 10 Launch Imminent

As one epoch closes, another begins. The dev team is ironing out the last bugs before we launch Epoch 10 in early August, 2022. Epoch 10 will represent a transition phase as we move towards our launch on Ethereum for Epoch 11.

Some changes that users will notice in the UI include:

  • Some wallet functions (like purchasing CML) will move to a separate TApp.
  • The TEA Browser Wallet will become a special TApp called the TAppStore.
  • New tabs in the user interface to allow better separation of assets.
  • The addition of Seats to the interface to represent the global state maintainer licenses.

A full rundown of the Epoch 10 updates is available in a separate post:

Markting Partnerships and Conferences

The TEA Project has also been busy in the month of July growing our partnership network and raising awareness about the TEA Project to the global community.

1. Participation in the 2022 Global Web3 Eco Innovation (GWEI) Summit in Singapore. This included generating interest in the TEA platform as well as the TApp development community and building connections with APAC web3 builder network.

2. Two community Twitter spaces — one for the US timezone, one for EU+APAC timezones (English + Chinese). Twitter Spaces gives us an opportunity to answer questions gathered from the community and update everyone on the status of the development work happening in Q2 2022.

3. A roundtable discussion on what’s the next big thing to come for Ethereum’s throne and Web3 developments in general.

The source of many of these questions come from our Telegram chat and we invite users to join and ask questions about the TEA Project.