TEA Project Monthly Report — December 2, 2022

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2 min readDec 2, 2022

Epoch 12 Has Launched

The TEA Project’s Epoch 12 has launched on November 28th, 2022. This is the second Epoch where our layer-2 is using Ethereum as the underlying layer-1 blockchain.

We’ve made multiple improvements that endusers will notice including the following:

  • The deposit to run a state maintainer node has been reduced to 300T. Because our faucet will give users 500T, this now means they can bid on a state maintainer node without depleting their wallet.
  • CML hosts will now receive all of the revenue that’s generated from the state maintainer nodes (who pay the Harberger Tax). We’re also working on a feature where CML hosts will earn based on the marketcap of their token, a feature we’re planning for the next epoch.
  • Our main onboarding for new users will be through the TEA Fluencer TApp. Using this TApp, new users can retweet and gain 500 testnet TEA tokens. TEA Fluencer also includes a guide for new users and shows them how to join the contest.
  • TEA Fluencer is not just a regular TApp, it’s also a TApp template. Any user can create a TEA Fluencer TApp and have it listed in our TApp directory. That gives them a chance to promote any tweet and when a follower retweets through their TApp, that TApp will benefit by a consume action that sends dividends to all of its token holders.
  • When new users onboard through the faucet, they can use an email address to receive their tokens. We realize not everyone will be technical enough to setup MetaMask and change the network to Goerli, so we made this feature to make TEA Project as newbie-friendly as possible.

You can find out more on how to get started with Epoch 12 through our user guide.

WASM Upgrade

We’ve also made an important improvement in our tech stack by updating our WASM implementation to Wasmer. The upgrade means that more programming languages will be supported, a definite plus for developers who want to onboard to web3 through the TEA Project.

The previous solution we were using hasn’t been updated in a while. This transition to a better supported version of a Wasm runtime will create less headaches for us in the future. Wasmer will also allow us to calculate computing consumption with higher precision in an update we’ll have soon for our billing model.