TEA Project Monthly Report — February 1, 2023

Transition from Epoch 12 to Epoch 13

  • 1400 COFFEE will be split among those with positive net asset gains.
  • 600 COFFEE will be split among the rest of the contestants on the leaderboard.

Epoch 13 alpha testing is still ongoing as we work on ironing out the last few bugs. The timeline for the Epoch 13 launch is sometime in early February, and we’ll likely have one more testing Epoch after that still on Ethereum’s Goerli network. Mainnet launch is still on schedule for the first half of 2023 as the team nears completion of TEA’s infrastructure coding.

Epoch 13: Wasm Upgrade

  • Epoch 11’s narrative was our move from the Polkadot ecosystem (and the polkadot{.js} wallet) to the Ethereum ecosystem (and the MetaMask wallet).
  • Epoch 12’s narrative was about how users can bridge funds into the TEA ecosystem. We offered a (G-ETH) <> (testnet TEA) LP on Uniswap for users comfortable sourcing their own G-ETH and topping up as well as a TEA Fluencer faucet app for those who wanted testnet TEA funds sent directly to their layer-2 wallets.

Epoch 13’s theme is about upgrading the WebAssembly runtime that our layer-2 runs on top of. Upgrading our WebAssembly runtime to Wasmer better positions us for future updates that will make our overall codebase more robust.

The upgrade to Wasmer will also give us more flexibility when upgrading our layer-2.

  • We can do a hot upgrade where we upgrade our layer-2 without shutting it down. This allows us to announce what time we’ll have an upgrade. Users will get a message that the system is upgrading and the browser wallet will be temporarily unavailable.
  • If we have a more involved upgrade process, then we can temporarily shut down the layer-2 without resetting the data. In these intances we’ll post a banner so that users know when to expect the short outage.

Wasmer will also make it more straightforward to implement our billing system. We currently charge a static number for all compute task gas fees. The upgrade to Wasmer will allow us to charge according to the actual compute resources used.

TEA Project Made it Through the Bear Market




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