TEA Project Monthly Report — January 4, 2023

Epoch 12 Successful Launch

  • 10 CML nodes listed on the TEA Wallet homepage.
  • 12 TEA Fluencer apps created by different community members using the TEA Fluencer template.

The number of CML nodes is particularly impressive given that this was the first time setting up a Docker-based server for many of the participants. We were able to work through any difficulties they had together and utilized many of our social media channels — Telegram, Discord, and Youtube — to help walk new node runners through the process.

Participants who registered on the Leaderboard were given COFFEE rewards based on how well they did during the early stages of Epoch 12.

Epoch 12 has also introduced the use of COFFEE as the basis for voting power on Snapshot.org. Our initial test proposal had a total of 5 different wallets voting on the Goerli network. Although our final voting algorithm will be more complicated than this, we’re glad that we’ve been able to introduce the concept of DAO governance to the TEA community and show that some of our tokens will have voting privileges.

New Discord Added

We’re pleased to also announce that three of our community members have decided to sign on as moderators with the TEA Project all in the month of December. These mods will help answer questions from the community, lead weekly AMAs, as well as give us their input on how to grow the TEA community through our social channels. Our new moderators are active on both our Discord and Telegram channels where they’ll help answer user questions and help everyone get familiar with the TEA Project.

Looking Ahead to Epoch 13




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