TEA Project Monthly Report — July 1, 2022

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3 min readJul 1, 2022


Updated TApp Store Interface

We talked briefly last month about the big update planned as far as moving away from the TEA browser wallet and having users log in directly to the TApp store. This newly updated TApp store would be the new entry point for users into the TEA Project ecosystem.

We’re happy to report that the first iterations of the new TApp store interface are now functional and running in closed testing. To give users a sneak peak, here are a few screenshots of the new interface:

Improving the Documentation Site

The public docs for the TEA Project are an important first step for users wanting to learn more about the technological underpinnings of our ecosystem and how best to get started. We’ve seen the shortcomings of our existing Github wiki — all documents laid out alphabetically (limited sidebar customization), lack of search, lack of indexing from Google — basically multiple things you’d expect from a public documentation site.

To redress this issue, we’ve begun working on a new docs site that utilizes Docsify in the backend. This will allow us to continue to use the markdown format and crucial workflow tools like Obsidian. Expect a lot of changes to the documentation site over the next few weeks, but an early version is up for viewing at https://tearust.github.io/teaproject/#/.

Introduction of the Bounty Program

We’ve had users approach us who want to support the TEA Project in any way they can. We’ve been appreciative of these overtures and want to give a chance for these early adopters to be rewarded for their contributions. Stay tuned as we’re preparing to launch our bounty program where community members will be rewarded in mainnet TEA tokens for performing various tasks that benefit the TEA Project. We’re looking for anyone with media skills (graphic design and YouTube) as well as those with any kind of social media following to step up and contribute. Check in to the TEA Project Telegram to be the first to know when the program goes live.

Development Updates

The primary development work continues to be moving our layer1 logic to layer2 as we get ready to deploy as a smart contract to the Ethereum chain. These incremental updates will show up in our next Epoch 10 launch and won’t finally be fully realized until we launch Epoch 11 concomitant with our move to Ethereum.

An important issue is how to allocate scarce state machine resources (and state maintainer licenses) in a way that’s fair and has the economic dynamics to foster a healthy market. We’ve settled on a state memory tax paid by developers as well as a Harberger tax paid by state maintainer nodes.

Both of these issues are still in the proposal stage and we invite public feedback through our Telegram chat.