TEA Project Monthly Report — July 5, 2023

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3 min readJul 5, 2023


Multiple Testing Versions of the TEA Project

The coming months represent a period of transition for the TEA Project. Instead of only having to run the simulated version of the TEA Project runtime on DigitalOcean as we’ve had to do solely in the past, we’ll also be simultaneously running two other versions of the TEA Project runtime as well. These other two versions encompass our transition to running on top of AWS Nitro as well as abstracting the TEA Project runtime as a service that can be used for specific industry applications.

The three versions of the TEA Project we currently are running include the following.

1. Simulated Testnet

We’ll still have a simulated testnet running for our current Epoch 13. One of the main benefits for our community is that the simulated testnet requires no changes on their part to continue participating in our testnet. Mining is also within reach of most users both from the aspect of affordability as well as the copious mining documentation that’s available on our site.

2. Alpha Testnet on AWS

We plan on having our testnet running on both DigitalOcean as well as on AWS Nitro. The alpha test on AWS Nitro isn’t officially announced as we’re still stress testing the setup and need to run some internal tests to see how everything holds up. We’ve been running the AWS testnet for about a week now without issues but always want to give some time to see if any bugs come up. As long as no major bugs are found, you should expect an alpha release announcement relatively soon.

3. The TEA Version for G20 TechSprint

TEA Project has applied to the G20 TechSprint contest which allows us to showcase the versatility of TEA with regards to solving a wide array of problems across different industries and showing how TEA can be abstracted to a version that can be run privately. The G20 TechSprint presented a few challenges that our decentralized computing platform is ideally suited to handle:

  • Helping build a peer to peer network without a central authority.
  • Helps advance cross-border settlement in central bank money without any one becoming the main “reserve” currency.
  • Supporting the use of local currencies in international transactions.

We’re honored to be creating an innovative cross-border payment primitive that will help reduce costs and increase trust among participating countries. The rest of this month and into August will be a time where the TEA Project team works on the final demo application for the contest.

TEA Presentation at the AWS Shanghai Summit

Raindust, a core team member of the TEA Project, gave a presentation about the TEA Project at the Shanghai Amazon Summit.

Raindust presenting at the Amazon Summit 2023 Shanghai.
Raindust presenting at the Amazon Summit 2023 Shanghai.

Raindust’s talk introduced our concept of decentralized compute to a new audience who are only versed in the world of centralized compute. There’s been an uptick recently from the big centralized compute players like Amazon and Google into blockchain and decentralization. We look forward to working with Amazon AWS both as an enduser of their Nitro servers as well as a technology partner to help bring more awareness to the TEA Project.