TEA Project Monthly Report — May 1, 2023

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3 min readMay 1, 2023

April was a busy month for the TEA Project on multiple fronts. We’re happy to announce that we’re one stop closer to mainnet with our Epoch 13 launch. We also have a few announcements that developers will be interested in. Without further ado, let’s get into the details of the TEA Project’s latest developments.

Epoch 13 Has Launched

The TEA Project’s Epoch 13 launched on April 27, 2023. Epoch 13 will be a full-test of our new updated billing system. The main track of Epoch 13 will continue with simulated mining on DigitalOcean. Developers who are interested and deploying their own TApps will use an alternate alpha track that’s running on AWS. The AWS architecture runs the actual TEA runtime and will give developers an actual look into how their apps interact with the underlying TEA code.

  • Those interested in becoming node runners (miners) during Epoch 13 can follow the miners guide.
  • Developers interested in deploying TApps to our alpha AWS testnet can follow the developers guide and contact us on Telegram when they’re close to deployment.

Dev Docs Refined and Ready for Release

The TEA Project continues to update and refine its developer documentation portal as we prepare to release it to a larger community. Part of making sure that the TEA runtime is robust is getting bug reports back from developers. There are many different computer architectures as well as versions of our prerequisite software packages (notably Rust, Docker, and Node.js). We’re looking to get a wide variety of feedback on the issues that developers face when trying to follow our dev tutorials in a variety of environments.

This upcoming month will include publicising our dev tutorials in a variety of online communities. After getting miners to provide the infrastructure, TEA Project needs developers to deploy their apps on our network so consumers can use them. We’ll likely have more partnerships to announce in the near future about project collaborations designed to onboard new developers so stay tuned.

Two Dev Tools Partnerships

As hinted at in the last section, the TEA Project has been working towards publicizing our name in the developer space. Towards that end, we’re happy to announce two special partnerships that were recently consumated this past month with Hamster and 4EVERLAND.

(4EVERLAND formal announcement forthcoming).

Combining our resources together will help TEA Project developers to use a wide range of web3 tools to kickstart their dApp development. We also see value in having 3rd party automations available for TEA Project miners to maintain their nodes. TEA Project will in turn provide decentralized compute and hosting services to Hamster and 4EVERLAND developers immersed in the world of smart contracts. Our long term goal is for developers who start their projects on platforms like Hamster and 4EVERLAND to be able to finish them on TEA Project with eventual deployment to IPFS.

These partnerships are in-line with our two-pronged developer outreach strategy:

  • Partnerships with web3 developer tooling companies.
  • Outreach to traditional web2 developers who haven’t yet onboarded to web3.

The 4EVERLAND and Hamster partnerships represent the first leg of this strategy. And with our increasing use of Amazon’s AWS platform, look for TEA Project to make further inroads in the web2 developer space in the near future.