TEA Project Monthly Report — October 1, 2022

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2 min readOct 1, 2022

Epoch 10.2 Has Ended

Epoch 10.2 officially ended September 27th, 2022. This was a continuation of the earlier 10.x epochs as we further stress tested our ecosystem. Epoch 10.x was less full-featured compared to earlier epochs — the CML hosting options were extremely limited by the fact that there weren’t any TApps available to host.

Epoch 10 was basically a transition epoch that was still focused on testing our tokenomics model. We were especially interested in how the contestants took to the new Harberger Taxation for seat licenses and how they’d optimize their portfolios around these new expenses and the revenue they’d receive from memory taxation.

All rewards for Epoch 10.2 were injected directly into the ecosystem. This was a departure from earlier epochs which rewarded contestants based on how well they finished on the leaderboard. We feel that injecting the rewards directly into the ecosystem is more realistic as contestants who find novel ways to maximize their earnings will also earn the highest reward share.

October is a Big Month for the TEA Project

October will largely be a work month for the TEA Project team. The move from Epoch 10.x to Epoch 11 entails a wholesale move from a Substrate (Polkadot) based layer1 to Ethereum as our base level blockchain. The many aspects of the project that will be worked on include:

  • Moving from the Polkadot.{js} wallet to Metamask.
  • Deploying the solidity smart contract to Ethereum.
  • Changing all Substrate based addresses (SS58) to Ethereum based addresses (ERC20 and ERC721).
  • Setup basic liquidity pool on Uniswap.
  • Ability for hosting nodes to store a local cache of the state
  • Allow hosting nodes to become “seated” and pay a state subscription fee for quicker state machine updates.
  • Bring the TEA Party back online during Epoch 11.

All these actions will take place on Ethereum’s Goerli testnet. We’ll also be revamping our white paper and introductory videos to better align with our move to the Ethereum ecosystem.

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