TEA Project: the Next Leap Up From Blockchain

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3 min readJun 22, 2022


Sometimes you can’t imagine what’ll come next by only looking at what came before. In this post, we’ll look at different time periods in the past where a major crisis seemed insurmountable given the extant technology at the time. In each case, the problem was solved not by existing tools or methodologies, but rather through a new leap in technology that made the problem obsolete. In the same way, we see the TEA Project as a quantum leap that can solve some of the emerging problems that are plaguing blockchain’s growth.

The Great Manure Crisis of 1894

In 1894, the London Times predicted that “in 50 years, every street in London will be buried under nine feet of manure.” This didn’t end up happening but not because a better way to pick up horse manure was invented. While “thought leaders” and government officials were preoccupied with how to better shovel horse dung off city streets, Henry Ford was coming up with a way to mass produce cheap automobiles.

Only from the rear-view mirror of the automobile can one see that the preoccupation with horse manure was a folly. It completely engrossed the populace and lawmakers of London as they had no notion that something better and quite frankly world-changing was just around the corner.

What About the Emissions from Automobiles?

Of course a solution always comes with problems of its own. In the case of automobiles, the world was about to get a lesson in both the incredible power of the combustion engine as well as the air pollution it produced. The pollutants spewed out by cars would end up contributing greatly to the crisis of global warming and ever-increasing CO2 emissions.

Similar to how they tackled the manure problem, decision makers first began asking how they could make combustion engines cleaner. While it’s possible to make a combustion engine pollute less, you’ll never change the fundamental physics of an engine and the energy it needs to move its pistons.

The solution then came from the outside, from people like Elon Musk who pushed engines past requiring fuel to start running on electricity.

Can Blockchains Problems Be Solved With Traditional Blockchain Thinking?

Blockchain has been one of the most groundbreaking technologies introduced in recent history, yet it’s not without its discontents. There are two particular problems that have proved troublesome for blockchain to overcome:

  • The pollution and wasted energy that PoW blockchains produce as byproducts of its consensus.
  • The scalability problems that have affected smart contract based blockchains like Ethereum.

The TEA Project has solved these issues by moving to a new form of consensus that’s based on GPS satellites. We don’t need to solve complex math problems because we’re not requiring nodes to calculate a consensus. The TEA Project is using free GPS satellites and cheap security chips to reach a non-traditional consensus.

We were recently asked what kind of rollup is used in TEA’s Layer2 for scalability. It’s not that we don’t care about rollups, but rather that we’ve already solved the issue of scalability through our portable layer2 architecture:

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