TEA Project’s Epoch 12 Launch

Epoch 12 Is Live

The calculus for contestants is simple: the more testnet TEA assets you accumulate during the epoch, the larger share you’ll receive of the 1000 COFFEE prize pot. We’ll cover more ways on how to earn testnet TEA later in the article.

How To Get Started in Epoch 12

1. Use the G-ETH <> testnet TEA LP on Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/pool/45838

You’ll need to first make sure you have Goerli ETH in your wallet and that you’ve added the testnet TEA contract address to your MetaMask wallet:


After swapping your Goerli ETH for testnet TEA on the Goerli network, you can launch your wallet instance from the active miner list at wallet.teaproject.org and then Topup to your layer-2 TApp Store wallet:

2. Use the retweet faucet that’s part of the TEA Fluencer TApp.

Every user can take advantage of the the retweet faucet that’s part of the TEA Fluencer TApp to get 500 testnet TEA tokens. There’s a limit of one use per ETH address. To access the retweet faucet in the TEA Fluencer TApp:

  • Launch the TEA Fluencer TApp from the list of TApps:
  • Visit the listed tweet and make a quote retweet:
  • Click Retweet faucet and enter the URL of your quote retweet. Your ETH address will be pre-filled but you can also use an email address if you don’t have a MetaMask wallet setup yet.

And now you’re ready to join the Leaderboard and to start competing in the contest.

Ways to Increase Your Earnings

  • Running a state maintainer node (the deposit has been reduced to 300T in Epoch 12).
  • Running a CML node (all global rewards from Harberger Taxes will go to CML miners in Epoch 12).
  • Purchasing investment tokens.
  • Running a TApp (the TEA Fluencer TApp if you’re an influencer).

Epoch 12 Video Guide

If you have any questions, join us and ask in our Telegram group.




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