TEA Project’s Most Valuable Asset: Our Community

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3 min readJul 8, 2022
TEA Project aims to place its community members at the forefront

The TEA Project always aims to put our community members in charge of all the decisions we make as a platform. Just as decentralization and “lack of any central authority” are values we’ve deeply embedded into our ecosystem, this philosophy extends to our governance and decision making. At each step of the way we’re looking to engage our community and solicit their opinion on what’s the best course for the TEA Project to take.

We always aim to regularly engage community members so we can know their thoughts and hear their feedback. The TEA Project provides regular updates but we do need feedback so that we can see how we can tweak things even more. Some feedback can be implemented straight away and anything that’ll take longer in terms of development time can be added to the roadmap.

Ways for Community Members to Give Feedback & Ask Questions

We have a variety of online channels where people can leave their feedback and engage in ongoing discussions about newly released and proposed features:

In addition, there are regular opportunities for community members to ask questions and make their own proposals. Every month we schedule at least one of the following live streams for users to login and ask questions:

Financial Rewards for Community Members

Being among the first members to join a crypto project certainly has its financial advantages. Although we have to stress that the following isn’t financial advice, those that have first mover advantage stand to gain the most when the platform finally takes off. This first mover advantage is also built into our platform as we use bonding curves throughout to reward those that are the first to buy the various CML staking, global state maintainer, as well as TApp tokens.

We also have a multitude of financial rewards set aside specifically for community members. In total, 6% of our total pre-mine allocation (6 million TEA tokens) is reserved for community members.

In addition to this large pre-allocation, we have a multitude of programs designed to financially enrich our community:

  • A bounty program where community members can use their skills to help the TEA Project in exchange for TEA tokens.
  • An ambassador program where community members can be acknowledged and given a chance to build towards a paying role within the TEA ecosystem. The bounty and ambassador programs are still currently in the planning stages, stay tuned.
  • Mining contests where users compete for mainnet token vouchers as well as cash rewards.

DAO Governance

The DAO carries out the directives of the community as determined through the votes of the TEA Project members. When we say that the TEA Project is community driven, the DAO is the highest expression of that. Until our community is large enough, most of the voting power will be concentrated within the hands of the core team members. But once we progress and the number of TEA token holders grows, a larger and more diverse number of users will be able to vote on DAO governance measures.

The first step in being an active TEA Project community member is to get involved in our Telegram group: https://t.me/teaprojectorg

We look forward to seeing you there and contributing to the discussion and shaping the direction that the TEA Project takes in the years to come.