TEA Project’s State Machine

How TEA Handles State Changes

  • Transactions are processed with the resulting state change stored in the RAM memory residing in the enclaves of type-A CML mining nodes.
  • Only type-A CML nodes run the strong consistency state machine (including the SQL database instance).
  • Every type-A CML node will have the same copy of the state in its memory.
  • The TEA state machine updates continuously because there’s no block. There’s no need to wait every few seconds to get the consensus of all other nodes. All nodes have agreed on the time source from the atomic clock of GPS satellites.
  • A new node joining the network doesn’t need to sync up from the very beginning of the genesis block. It just loads the current state from any nearby trusted state machine. The trust comes from the hardware and blockchain (layer-1) certification, not from self-verification from the block history, which means that syncing takes almost no time.

Ethereum’s State Machine is a Problem for Running DApps




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