TEA Talks: How TEA Project Makes It Easy For Developers

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2 min readApr 29, 2022


A major motivation for why we developed the TEA Project is that there’s so far no strong development framework for Web3 dApps. In fact, the lack of a development framework is why we see so few Web3 dApps so far.

Hear what Kevin has to say about the importance of a robust development framework for Web3:

In the next TEA Talk, Kevin is asked about what type of apps we’ll see coming to the TEA Project. The beautiful thing about the TEA Project is how developers can use their existing programming languages they’re already familiar with and simply export to WebAssembly.

In addition to wide programming language support, the TEA Project also uses the same three-tier architecture that’s prevalent in cloud computing. This is another factor that helps give developers a smooth onboarding into Web3. Hear Kevin talk about what apps will become popular in the TEA Project and which apps will see a transition to Web3:

And finally we have Kevin giving a short explanation on the importance of our TEA Party application. The app also serves as a template that other developers can follow when developing their apps. In fact, we have a detailed tutorial on how the app was coded for developers new to the TEA Project ecosystem to follow.

Kevin explains the roles that the TEA Party TApp performs in the TEA Project ecosystem: