TEA Talks: Privacy and TApps

TEA’s Layer2 as a Privacy Layer

In the following TEA Talk, Kevin discusses how TEA can become like a privacy coin in the context of our layer2 apps in allowing zero-knowledge transactions.

The TEA Project is already aiming to achieve breakthrough data privacy in the home through our TEA boxes that’ll function as Web3 gateways. With TEA boxes in homes, consumers can expect the code to come to their data to allow for completely private decentralized cloud computing.

But what about TApps and private transactions? Let’s first consider what a user has to do when they want to use a TApp in the TEA ecosystem.

  • The user first must have some TEA funds in their wallet.
  • The user can topup a portion of their available TEA funds into their same address in the TApp.
  • The user now has funds in their specific TApp wallet and can interact using the TApp.

One benefit of the TEA Project’s topup method is that it allows for gas-free transactions on our layer2.

Another benefit is the possibility of zero-knowledge transactions conducted in our layer2 TApps. Before we discuss what this means for the TEA Project specifically, let’s first delve into why having private transactions is an incredibly useful feature for dApps.

The Need for Zero-Knowledge Transactions

Imagine you receive a transaction from someone that is from someone deemed an “unsavory” character by government agencies unbeknownst to you. How could you possibly know every other person that your most recent transactions involves? If you didn’t use a private payment solution, the blockchain would reveal all hops that connect you with the “unsavory” character.

General privacy protection is one of the main benefits of using a privacy-focused coin. Private transactions can be especially useful for crypto users needing to cover their tracks. If you’re an investor, you might not want other users to read the blockchain tea leaves and figure out where you’re placing your money. Businesses may also have trade secrets as far as business flow through dApps which they want to keep out of their competitors’ eyes.

How TEA Project’s Layer2 Can Ensure Private Transactions

In the TEA Project, all TApp transactions happen within the protected enclaves of layer2 nodes. All the transactions that are happening in the layer2 are not known to the outside world. People from the outside can only see the topups from layer1 to layer2 as well as the withdraws from layer2 back to layer1. They know nothing about the actual transactions between users happening in the layer2 TApp.



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