TEA Talks: TEA Overview

When trying to describe what the TEA Project is, it’s perhaps easier to start by saying what it’s not. For one, the TEA Project can’t be pigeon-holed as yet another blockchain. With its two-layer architecture, it’s best thought of as a new way to build and host decentralized applications “above” an existing blockchain. The TEA Project is not a new way to run smart contracts; rather, it’s a platform to run fully-featured applications like we’re used to on cloud computing every day, only fully decentralized.

To make decentralized, full-speed Web3 dApps possible, the TEA Project is introducing a Web3 development framework that will do for Web3 what Ruby on Rails did for Web 2.0.

In this TEA Talk, the TEA Project’s founder Kevin Zhang gives a quick overview of what TEA is:




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