The TEA Project’s Value to the Polkadot Ecosystem

Current DApps Are Web 2.5, Not Web3

A Preliminary Solution: IPFS + Back-end on Ethereum

What Are the Missing Pieces for Fully Decentralized Rich Apps?

  • Front-end tier: We can use IPFS to host our front-end, so decentralizing the front-end tier has already been solved.
  • Back-end tier: A fully decentralized network where the nodes can host the back-end app logic.
  • Database tier: A powerful distributed database layer that’s also fully decentralized.
  • Code or data running inside the node is fully isolated, with even the node owner having no way of knowing the internal state. This isolation, which happens inside of our concept of a trusted enclave, would solve any privacy and security concerns.
  • Nodes can join and leave the network at any time without affecting the overall network performance.
  • There should be no centralized authority to control the nodes. All nodes belong to individual miners who host any particular app because it’s profitable.
  • Users of the platform don’t need to trust any of the nodes or their owners. This is not because they “do not” do evil, but because the architecture makes it so they “cannot” do evil.

What Are the Existing Web3 Solutions?

  • Some solutions still use the existing cloud computing tech stack where the individual node owners “rent” their node to you. If trusting Amazon is a concern, can you trust a cloud provider that you’ve never heard of? Taking your code or data away would hypothetically be too easy, and this type of architecture setup cannot enforce that they do no evil.
  • Some of the solutions still use partially centralized authorities. Some examples of common certificates issued by central authorities used by dApps include SSL for HTTPS and DNS for domain names.
  • The best existing solution so far has achieved the ability to run dApps fully decentralized but requires a huge amount of computing power and very low network latency, which basically means that only server-class hardware in major data centers are eligible to run nodes. This places a bottleneck on the number of nodes and the diversity of node types on the network, introducing a new type of centralization.
  • Can be run by individuals with affordable hardware requirements.
  • Doesn’t require any central authority or special hardware vendors.
  • Requires no trust as all roots of trust are built-in to the system.

Based on The Above Requirements for Truly Decentralized Computing, We Built the Tea Project

The TEA Project Uses Two Hardware Roots of Trust

TEA Can Provide Polkadot a Decentralized Hosting, Computing, and Database Layer

  • A gaming dApp could continue to write their digital asset logic to the ledger while running its actual gameplay on the TEA Project. Many gaming dApps currently use AWS servers because the underlying blockchain they’re built-on doesn’t have the necessary throughput. Instead of funds escaping to the web 2.0 ecosystem, developers can have their gaming apps run through TEA and keep the funds within Polkadot.
  • TEA can also function as a decentralized hosting provider to projects requiring decentralized hosting within the parachain ecosystem.
  • A dApp might want to write and store data without it being written to the blockchain. They could use the database service provided by the TEA Project instead of using a centralized cloud service.




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