Web3: Shifting Our Focus From the 1st to 2nd Floor

A Lesson From the Past

  • It’s not Unicom SMS that beats China Mobile SMS, but WeChat.
  • It’s not the big supermarket that beats the small store on the street corner, but the online store that takes both their market share.
  • It’s not Ford or GM that beats Toyota or Honda, but Tesla which doesn’t burn gas at all.

What is the Fundamental Problem Blockchain is Trying to Solve?

What is Trust?

Human-based vs Silicon-based Nodes

If You Trust the Environment, You Can Trust the Result

  1. You use a genuine calculator or software (at least you have never used it before).
  2. You believe that you’ve entered the correct instructions (keys) by hand.
  3. You believe that the data results you see with your eyes are indeed what exists on the LCD screen of the calculator.



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